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*New 12.1 series Release:
2020-09-01: XigmaNAS - released

*New 11.4 series Release:
2020-08-27: XigmaNAS - released!

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XigmaNAS Released

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XigmaNAS Released


Post by hastdotwhat »

Because of the data corruption error the thread for 7743 has been lost, I thought I'd revive it, along with the first few messages. So...

XigmasNAS has been released

Changes since previous release: Upgrade php, rsync, syncthing, and some other stuff.

Response: It works fine for me.

Response; It works for me too. Hardware is a PC XT with a 20MB MFM hard drive and green screen monitor.

Response: It ate my cat!!!
Response to response: Did you remember to disable the extended GUI?
Response to response to response: Oh, yeah, that fixed it.

Response: I'm getting some weird script error, here's a link to a copy on pastebin.

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Re: XigmaNAS Released


Post by ms49434 »

We are pleased to announce the release of XigmaNAS version Ingva.
This is a new stable release for the 12.x branch.

Don't forget to BACKUP your current configuration!
Please READ readme_12.1.txt before proceeding!

Download build

Changes since previous release
- Upgrade to FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE P9.
- WebGUI code & framework improvements.
- Upgrade syncthing to 1.9.0.
- Upgrade php to 7.4.10.
- Upgrade transmission to 3.00.

Team XigmaNAS

Basic Note:
- Make a backup of your existing system configuration and store it in a safe location, the system config.xml could be upgraded!
- Clear your browser's cache to avoid display issues after upgrading from an older release.
1) XigmaNAS amd64-embedded on a Dell T20 running in a VM on ESXi 6.7U3, 22GB out of 32GB ECC RAM, LSI 9300-8i IT mode in passthrough mode. Pool 1: 2x HGST 10TB, mirrored, L2ARC: Samsung 850 Pro; Pool 2: 1x Samsung 860 EVO 1TB, SLOG: Samsung SM883, services: Samba AD, CIFS/SMB, ftp, ctld, rsync, syncthing, zfs snapshots.
2) XigmaNAS amd64-embedded on a Dell T20 running in a VM on ESXi 6.7U3, 8GB out of 32GB ECC RAM, IBM M1215 crossflashed, IT mode, passthrough mode, 2x HGST 10TB , services: rsync.

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