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Could not connect to host

VirtualBox, VM config and HDD images.
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Could not connect to host


Post by Jyjon »

I get the error:

Could not connect to host (

clicking the 'Detail' button gives this information.

Exception Object
[message:protected] => Could not connect to host (
[string:Exception:private] =>
[code:protected] => 64
[file:protected] => /usr/local/www/phpvirtualbox/lib/ajax.php
[line:protected] => 123
[trace:Exception:private] => Array

[previous:Exception:private] =>

The console gives the message:

vboxdrv: fAsync=0 offmin=0x5d0 offMax=0xfd8

I can't connect with either link on the GUI tab.

Any working solution would be appreciated.
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Re: Could not connect to host


Post by spy0r »

same here on my testserver - virtualbox isn't running right i think - i will give a fresh install a try at the weekend, maybe i destroyed something while playing ;-)
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Re: Could not connect to host


Post by daoyama »

If this is not first time to use vbox, check permission.

upgraded to but cant access virtualbox:

Also if you use full version instead of embedded, check /tmp/.vbox-vboxusers-ipc.
At this time, full is not supported, no longer tested recent services such as samba AD, vbox, syncthing etc.
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