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Time Machine Backup and Ping from Nas4Free

XigmaNAS & Apple Filing Protocol.
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Time Machine Backup and Ping from Nas4Free


Post by Powerduck »

Dear All,

I am not 100% sure if I am correct here, but pls let's try. Following background:
I switched from Win10 to Mac and have some problems now with the Time Machine Backup.

Before changing to Mac I ran nas4free with Win10 only, had the following configuration for soem years (also with 9.xx):
nas4free - Prester (Revision 2332), WOL start and shut down with the following script by Fritz:

Code: Select all

/mnt/NASPlatte/apps/manageAcpi.sh -p 30 -w 30 -a 11:50,12:10 -c 23:31,5:59,5 -n 6:00,23:30,5,10, &
as postinit, manageAcpi.sh under ".../apps/..."
(can be found here: https://github.com/fritz-hh/scripts_NAS4Free)
This script sends a ping to the mentioned IP-adresses and if no pings returns the nas4free shuts down. nas4free with SMB, this was working perfect.

Now the configuration after the switch to Mac:
Mac El Capitan with Parallels and Win 10, nas4free connected with AFP via a Fritz.Box 7490, connections via 1GB-LAN (no Wlan), access from Mac without an issues.
Configuration to theTM at nas: create a directory, user and usergroup with access to this directy,
Now the TM Backup starts:
It starts it's calculation and suddenly after some minutes nas4free shuts down. No configuration change at nas4free. IP of the Mac is

I did the following tests:
- switch of SMB at nas4free, no change, TM starts, nas4free shuts down
- only AFP at nas4free, , TM starts, nas4free shuts down
- only AFP, no (!!) TM Backp, nas4free runs stabile, no shutdown
- various pings from nas and Win to Mac, always successfully

Question now:
How do I get a stabile connection and why is TM shutting down the nas. Obviously the TM prevents a ping (or delays?)...

Pls let me know in case I should post somewhere else. Pls note also that I am not the specialist in nas4free, I am more familiar with Win.

Kind Rgds Jens

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Re: Time Machine Backup and Ping from Nas4Free


Post by Parkcomm »

First you need to isolate the problem, I can think of a couple route causes:

1/ the amount of traffic used by time machine clogs the link and you start thownwing packets away - you lose pings and you get WOL shutdown behaviour.


2/ You have a hardware issue, say a dud HDD controller. The backup puts pressure on he hardware, it goes into fault condition and the box resets

So first disable the WOL script and see if you can get a TM backup to run. (btw if you can get it to run once the load will drop immensely and either of the above could clear up spontaneously.)

If you can't get that first TM snapshot, well start digging around for HW errors. If you do get a TM snapshot then its probably the missing pings.

To determine it is dropped pings, you could use tcpdump to display the ICMP packets.
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