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How can the www directory be made?

Webserver service.
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David Seo
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How can the www directory be made?


Post by David Seo »

I am a newbie nas4free and I have not knowledges about linux commands.

How can I make the 'www' home directory to service webserver page in nas4free?

I tried to make the 'web' directory in Advanced>File Manager option.
But I can't search it in Document root field when Services>Webserver setting.

How can I do it or can make it? ;)

I want to hear you guide about it.

Platform OS FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE-p4 (revision 199506)
Platform x64-full on Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86GHz
System FOXCONN G41MXP/G41MXP-V Bios: 080015 04/08/2011

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Re: How can the www directory be made?


Post by alexey123 »

When you connect your storage disks, your named it.
Folder with content disk place into /mnt folder. For example - your named your disk as DISK. You can observe it as /mnt/DISK.
Create with manager into /mnt/DISK folder www with 777 permissions. Path /mnt/DISK/www.
If your plan use webserver on 80 port, you need replace webgui port on difference from 80, such 10080. NAS4free ask reboot, and give him reboot.
After reboot you can access to NAS4FREE webgui on

Code: Select all

After this step open sevices webserver.
Define document root as /mnt/DISK/www port as 80
Place into www folder file index.html with content

Code: Select all

<center><H1>It work</H1></center>
Save and restart
Open with browser

Code: Select all

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Re: How can the www directory be made?


Post by raulfg3 »

I create mine on /mnt/mypool/web and use this path to point Webserver service -> Document root.

PD: I need to change group:user to "www" to have rights to use it.


To create folder, you can use embeded Advanced file manager, use root:nas4free as user:password (revision 6766)+OBI on SUPERMICRO X8SIL-F 8GB of ECC RAM, 12x3TB disk in 3 vdev in RaidZ1 = 32TB Raw size only 22TB usable

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HP T510

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Re: How can the www directory be made?


Post by chachi420 »

sudo visudo

These two things were needed to do something on apache to get it all working. I forgot exactly where you add them but you add these lines to one of the files and it'll work. IF i understood your problem correctly.

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