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New to rsync

Synchronize files & directories to/from XigmaNAS with minimal data transfer.
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New to rsync


Post by ExTruckie »


I am trying options on my server and want to use a spare 1Tb HD for backups using rsync.
I installed it and created a mount point called Backup.
I used the local tab under the Services/Rsync/Local tab.
Is this correct?

Right now my raid array is re-syncing as adding the new drive changed the drive numbers.
However it is accessible from my windows box.

Any suggestions or anything I missed.
Mark Minnich
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320Gb SATA HD for OMV OS. 1Tb SATA Hard Drive for Backups.

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Re: New to rsync


Post by ijeffsc »


I'm not entirely clear on what your objective is. Backups might be more of a zfs question and there are stronger experts on that topic.

I assume you are running raidz-something. In this case I believe offline backups or backups to other disks would be in the form of zfs snapshots and you would likely use the "zfs send" and "zfs receive" commands to make copies of those.

Do you plan to remove the backup drive for offsite backup?

OTOH any backup plan is better than none. I've used rsync to manage historical and incremental backups in the past with some success. Your approach isn't unreasonable. There is no one right way AFAIK. Just make sure you have a restore strategy to go with your backup. Plenty of write only backup plans out there.

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