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need to have solid backup solution

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need to have solid backup solution


Post by wbravin »

Hello All Id like to please ask you for some guidance on my backup strategy
Currently I am running xigmanas 11.2 on a server with 4 x3tb drives and 4 by 1 tb drives all removable in 2 poo in zfs1. I use this i as a single storage for all my media and documents. Up until now I was copying and Pasting all data to a 3 TB drive located on my HTP

This is time consuming and very slow

Since I have an empty Buffalo Linkstation LQ4 doing nothing I would consider populating it with 4 X2tb and us this unit as my backup.

Can I use Rsync to automate my backup from my N4F to the linkstation?
Am I building a second HTPC for my media room and I could put all 4 drives here? what are your recommendations?
I am by no means capable of using command line solution I much rather use a GUI structure. If a terminal access is my only solution I would need direction to a step by step detailed description of the process

Thank you all for your help in this matter
Server = ASUS M5A97 MB 16GB ram 13TB of WD RED running Nas4free to mange media and documents. And it works perfectly until i screw it up LOL :twisted:

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