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VBox dead after storage loss

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VBox dead after storage loss


Post by zamoti » 16 Apr 2019 19:21

So I've recently set up a new server, I have two 4TB disks set up mirrors running ZFS. I started moving stuff from my usb drive onto the NAS and once done, I then imported a virtual machine over and set it up successfully with VirtualBoxPHP. All is well.
For whatever reason, the next day, the new mirror pool is missing. No biggy, the disks are still there, so I set up a new pool. It would not cooperate. Kept telling me that I had an invalid character in the name (cannot open 'cannot open 'x': no such pool': invalid character ''' in pool name). Check the logs, says to use the -f option, so I ticked the box to force the creation of the new pool. Well, everything that was on the mirror pair is now gone, not too concerned, I had just copied it from backup, so no loss. However, as a result of this, VirtualBox won't start up anymore. I'm guessing there is a config somewhere that is referencing the virtual machine on the now gone mirror pool that it was stored on. I've been hunting around for where virtual box keeps config files stored and keep going around in circles. I've left a grep running to see if it can turn up the name of my VM machine name (unifi) but it came back empty.

Would anyone know how I can wipe the Virtualbox config back to default so I can start over?


BTW this is what I get when I try to restart the service; have searched internets quite a lot and have not found anything that has gotten me in the right direction.

xigmanas: rc.d# ./vbox restart
VBox stop...
ACPI shutdown VM
VBoxManage: error: Failed to initialize COM! (hrc=NS_ERROR_FAILURE)
Waiting to stop VMs.VBoxManage: error: Failed to initialize COM! (hrc=NS_ERROR_FAILURE)

vboxwebsrv not running? (check /var/run/
Shutdown VBoxSVC.
kill: 25460: No such process
VBox start...
VBox start: set sysctl options...
VBox start: calling vboxnet onestart...
VBox start: calling vboxwebsrv onestart...
Starting vboxwebsrv.
VBox start: sleep a bit...
VBox start: starting virtual machines...
Starting VM
VBoxManage: error: Failed to initialize COM! (hrc=NS_ERROR_FAILURE)

I manually started the vboxwebsrv process and that gets me one step closer, but when I attempt to log in to the web UI, it still fails and provides this:

Exception Object
[message:protected] => Error logging in to vboxwebsrv.
[string:Exception:private] =>
[code:protected] => 64
[file:protected] => /usr/local/www/phpvirtualbox/endpoints/api.php
[line:protected] => 134
[trace:Exception:private] => Array

[previous:Exception:private] =>

So yeah, I'm happy to just burn this current config and start over.

Your help would be sincerely appreciated!

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Re: VBox dead after storage loss


Post by cookiemonster » 17 Apr 2019 22:43

Odd. I'd start by seeing if you could get to see why the pools disappeared in the first place. But even if you couldn't, and that would be worrying, I would not try to hunt down the virtual box settings. I would start from scratch. You could show what's your zfs and system setup. For instance for the latter: are you on RootOnZFS, full or embedded, etc. Could it relate to a failing usb stick?
This might explain if the conf is not there later but a force import of pools works since the zfs metadata is on the disks.
Point being, I'd go methodical on this one.
Xigmanas x64-full-RootOnZFS on Supermicro X8DT3. zroot on mirrorred pair of CRUCIAL_CT64M225. Memory: 24GB ECC; Storage: (HBA) - LSI SAS 9211-4i with 3 SATA x 1 Tb in raidZ1, 1 x 3 Tb SAS drive as single stripe.

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Re: VBox dead after storage loss


Post by zamoti » 17 Apr 2019 23:42

I'm guessing the pools disappeared because I was futzing around with the configs on a new build. I'm going to just presume I did something dumb during various config experiments.

Not sure if this is helpful but after I started the vboxwebsrv service, I see this after a failed login attempt:

xigmanas: bin# ./vboxwebsrv
Oracle VM VirtualBox web service Version 5.2.26
(C) 2007-2019 Oracle Corporation
All rights reserved.
VirtualBox web service 5.2.26 r128280 freebsd.amd64 (Feb 20 2019 00:20:49) release log
00:00:00.000080 main Log opened 2019-04-17T21:29:29.198098000Z
00:00:00.000082 main Build Type: release
00:00:00.000092 main OS Product: FreeBSD
00:00:00.000097 main OS Release: 11.2-RELEASE-p9
00:00:00.000102 main OS Version: FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE-p9 #0 r344303M: Tue Feb 19 21:46:06 CET 2019
00:00:00.000120 main Host RAM: 16127MB (15.7GB) total, 7574MB (7.3GB) available
00:00:00.000124 main Executable: /usr/local/lib/virtualbox/vboxwebsrv
00:00:00.000125 main Process ID: 30853
00:00:00.000125 main Package type: BSD_64BITS_GENERIC (OSE)
00:00:00.011267 main IPC socket path: /tmp/.vbox-root-ipc/ipcd
00:00:01.154704 SQPmp Socket connection successful: host = default (localhost), port = 18083, master socket = 8
00:00:06.220763 Watchdog Statistics: 0 websessions, 0 references
00:00:18.946854 SQPmp Request 1 on socket 9 queued for processing (1 items on Q)
00:00:18.946871 SQW01 New SOAP thread started
00:00:18.946940 SQW01 Processing connection from IP= socket=9 (0 out of 1 threads idle)
00:00:18.947881 SQW01 External authentication library is 'VBoxAuth'
00:00:18.948110 SQW01 Access for user 'vboxusers' denied

Config details:
xigmanas: bin# zpool list
dp 3.62T 239G 3.39T - - 0% 6% 1.00x ONLINE -

xigmanas: bin# df -h
Filesystem Size Used Avail Capacity Mounted on
/dev/md0 120M 95M 25M 79% /
devfs 1.0K 1.0K 0B 100% /dev
/dev/md1 1.1G 899M 215M 81% /usr/local
procfs 4.0K 4.0K 0B 100% /proc
/dev/fuse 1.8T 1.1T 720G 61% /mnt/usb
/dev/md2 496M 5.6M 480M 1% /var
tmpfs 256M 1.8M 254M 1% /var/tmp
dp 3.5T 239G 3.3T 7% /mnt/dp
/dev/da1p2 1.9G 288M 1.6G 15% /cf

Detected Disks
Device Device Model Description Size Serial Number Rotation Rate Transfer Rate S.M.A.R.T. Controller Controller Model Temperature Status
ada0 HITACHI HUS724040ALE640 4GDisk1 4.00TB PBGTTX3S 7200 rpm 3.0 Gb/s Available, Enabled ahcich0 Intel Cougar Point AHCI SATA controller 26 °C ONLINE
ada1 HITACHI HUS724040ALE640 4GDisk2 4.00TB PBG9UR7S 7200 rpm 3.0 Gb/s Available, Enabled ahcich4 Intel Cougar Point AHCI SATA controller 26 °C ONLINE
da0 ST2000DM001-1E6164 USB 2.00TB Z1E8NFBF 7200 rpm 3.0 Gb/s Available, Enabled umass-sim0 Intel Cougar Point USB 2.0 controller 37 °C ONLINE
da1 Generic Flash Disk 8.07 n/a 8.05GB CAD2AEF3 Unknown 40.000MB/s Unavailable umass-sim1 Intel Cougar Point USB 2.0 controller n/a ONLINE

Would love to know how to just blow away the current config on VboxPHP. After I added some new hardware I wiped the entire config and all was well up until this hiccup. I may just ignore using PHPVirtualBox since it appears to be rather fragile (similar issues with previous build) and just stand up a separate KVM.



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