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Installation option questions

New installs of XigmaNAS.
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Installation option questions


Post by qzbman »

I have been a user and follower since the pre-fork, Freenas days. Very nice Job in moving things forward! You have earned my financial gratitude :D

Couple of installation observances, questions
Ver. - Omnius (revision 6625) Embedded USB install from USB live image.

1. I noticed that I could not install (at least GPT or EFI based install) to a 16GB Transcend USB 3.0 drive unless I formatted it as NTFS
2. Whats the advantage of option 1 (GPT install) vs. Option 2 (EFI) install if both work?
3. Is there value in going over 4 Gig on the boot USB? It seems like 2048 for the OS, and 1024 for swap are all it wants. (or should I force larger values here?)
4. Is there value in having a data partition on the USB stick beyond the OS and Swap partition?
5. Is there a known problem using the 3.0 USB ports for booting a 3.0 stick (I saw several posts suggesting install problems may be resolved by switching to a 2.0 port).

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Re: Installation option questions


Post by was-armandh »

Initial booting is by its very nature real mode and relies entirely on hardware compatibility.
I have found cheap SSD that will boot gpt on some hardware and only [legacy] mbr on other hardware.
I suspect with usb it is even worse! total YMMV territory
usb booting was an afterthought and remains so on the cheaper MOBO
where there is demand for greater flexibility one can get it at a price
for me SATA connected flash, and now, low cost SSDs are the way to go.
by using this free advise, you, your heirs, etc
absolve, save, and hold harmless the advisor.

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