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Solved: Intel gigabit LAN card, WOL causes system to reboot instead of shutdown

NIC, network controllers, compatibility questions, WOL, wake on lan
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Solved: Intel gigabit LAN card, WOL causes system to reboot instead of shutdown


Post by an1uk »

Using an old HP N40L microserver. Given updates killed off WOL for the inbuild Broadcom NIC, I decided to get an Intel gigabit PCIE card EXPI9301CTBLK hoping this might increase performance and bring back WOL. I have installed this, but now whenever I shutdown the system instead reboots.

Things I have found prevent this...

Turning off "wake on lan" in BIOS.
Disconnecting the LAN cable. (Reconnecting causes the system to power up. Pressing the power button will turn the system off and sending a WOL wakes the system).

Both of which I wouldn't consider long-term solutions. Have tried various other changes in BIOS such as disabling in-built NIC.

Any likely fixes? Many thanks.

Edit: Kept trying for ages, ultimately the solution was to change the setting in the Xigmanas web configuration settings. "Wake On LAN"-menu in Network/LAN Management, changing to WOL Magic.

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