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input/output error - between directories when connected via smb

CIFS/SMB network sharing.
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input/output error - between directories when connected via smb


Post by tdiaz »

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My shares are setup as such:
They're all accessible / mountable with the same credentials. It's just so that things are separated by what's going on.

Thus of course, on the client when I take something from share1 to share2, it's going to copy it, as it's not the same volume.

I setup a share of /mnt/pool/shares and when I connect to that, I can see all of them.

I can create/delete/copy/move/whatever I want at the root level of that.
I can do all that within any one of share1, 2, etc.

What I can not do is move something from share1 to shares, from share1 to share2, etc.

It generated an input/output error in those instances.

The setup would be similar to an admin having access to all the home directories from one mount point, vs. having to mount them all individually. Sure seems like I've done exactly that with AppleShare and Windows hosted shares. Never tried it with samba before.. XigmaNAS let's me do it, but with those limitations.

The only thing I can see different is the owner of /mnt/pool/shares is 'root' and the owner of /mnt/pool/shares/shareX is the credentials logged in with.

But it's all in the same group, and the the permissions are 775 across the whole thing.

If I ssh in, or use the console, I can do whatever I want with it all, no errors.

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