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From ESXi to Xigmanas. Good or Bad?

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From ESXi to Xigmanas. Good or Bad?


Post by BumbleBII »

Hi, I have been using XigmaNas for a while now as a VM in my VMware ESXi host. And it's all good and dandy. But now I am going to upgrade my storage and without PCI passthought it's a bad idea to run it as a VM. So I am thining about running Xigmanas as my Hyperviser insted of ESXi. Is it a bad Ide?

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Re: From ESXi to Xigmanas. Good or Bad?


Post by cookiemonster »

Hi and welcome. Many people run XN as an ESXi guest like you did. It is only not recommended to use XN without raw access to the hard drives due to ZFS working best to protect your data without raid cards creating a layer of complication down the road.
Depends on your harware setup a lot and what you want to achieve, Maybe you could list your hardware and requirements to see if you could get a better answer?
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