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User Interface Screenshots

You want to experience the look and feel of the XigmaNAS user interface? Below are a few screenshots showing some of the many features of XigmaNAS:


The login page of the XigmaNAS WebGUI.

Home Page

The system information page gives you a general overview of your XigmaNAS system. Information about the installed XigmaNAS version, system uptime, CPU, memory and disk space usage is displayed here.

Disk Management

Disk management, configuration and bulk actions, all from a single screen.

Services Overview

This screen shows a list of configurable services available in XigmaNAS.

Diagnostics > Information

The Diagnostics Information pages show exhaustive information about your XigmaNAS system.

ZFS Filesystem

ZFS, another great feature of XigmaNAS.

iSCSI Target

You can choose from two iSCSI target implementations, ctl and istgt.