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XigmaNAS Downloads

x64 Architecture

You can download XigmaNAS for x64 capable hardware from the XigmaNAS project website. For each release 4 different files are available

  • a LiveCD file (.iso file)
  • a LiveUSB file (.img.gz file)
  • a firmware update file for an embedded installation (.img.xz file)
  • a firmware update file for a full installation (.tgz file)

Choose the appropriate download depending on your needs. If you want to learn more about the differences between the above versions please view the General Information page.

Use this link to get the latest XigmaNAS release files or browse all available releases:

Get or browse XigmaNAS release files

Code Log

If you like to know what changes are getting made between the releases you can check here:

Browse Commit History

x86 Architecture

The XigmaNAS team does not publish x86 releases.

ARM-based Architecture

The XigmaNAS team does not publish arm-based releases.