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Screen-shot Process Quick Guide

1. Resize your browser so the entire XigmaNAS page is visible in the smallest window possible. Use Alt+PrtScn key combination to capture only the selected window (this key combination works in both Microsoft Windows and Ubuntu).

2. Open the Image with GIMP.

3. Crop the Image then, if it is still wider than 700 Pixels, re-scale it to a maximum width of 700 Pixels.

4. Make any other adjustments you want.
5. 4.Add a 1 Pixel, black border by pulling down Menu > Filters > Decor > Add Border. Set for 1px, black, Delta value is unimportant for 1px. Click OK.

In order to ensure pages load quickly and efficiently images should be as small ( fewest Kb ) as possible. The best way to reduce the space used by images while maintaining high quality is to convert from RGB to indexed colors, this process can be done in all decent graphic programs. Here we will illustrate how it is done with the GIMP.

First, make sure you are done modifying the image and are ready to save it. As you may know there are some things that cannot be done with an image unless it is RGB, so if you convert early you may wind up having to go back to RGB (to add a border let's say) and then converting back to indexed again before saving.

6. Pull down Menu - Image > Mode > Indexed. This brings up the “Indexed Color Conversion” dialog box ( left ). As you can see, the only options selected should be “Generate Optimum Palette” set to 256 colors. It is possible to further reduce size of the saved file by reducing the # of colors to 128, or 96, but this is usually not necessary and can negatively affect legibility and create banding.
7. Once the color conversion is done, save the image as .png with compression level 9, preserving pixel transparency and no other settings checked as shown on the left. If the image needs to be flattened ( all layers merged into 1 ) you will be prompted to do so automatically. The result will be a high-quality image that requires very little space on disk.

8. Finally, insert the image into the document you are submitting.
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