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Upgrading XigmaNAS from the CLI

* In this example we upgrade XigmaNAS to version XigmaNAS-x64-embedded-

  1. Backup your configuration (done via XigmaNAS Web UI) and store it on a different host.
  2. Access your XigmaNAS shell (locally - Console Option 9 “Shell” - or remotely through SSH, if it is enabled/accessible).
  3. Enable firmware upgrade mode using the following script:
    /etc/rc.firmware enable
  4. Go to /var/tmp/ftmp folder (this is a 512MB tmpfs mount point created by the above script) with the command:
    cd /var/tmp/ftmp
  5. From /var/tmp/ftmp fetch the update file XigmaNAS-XXX-embedded- either directly from the web or copy from another host via scp. 'XXX' represents the architecture and 'NNNN' the revision. In case of a x64 architecture you would issue the command:
  6. Download the SHA512 checksum file:
  7. Calculate the SHA512 hash with command:
    sha512 XigmaNAS-x64-embedded-
  8. If the calculated SHA512 hash matches the related hash in the downloaded checksum file you can perform the upgrade by invoking the rc.firmware script:
    /etc/rc.firmware upgrade /var/tmp/ftmp/XigmaNAS-x64-embedded-
  9. XigmaNAS will reboot when the upgrade procedure was successful.

Instructions are based on: XigmaNAS Forums thanks to parnassus

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