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XigmaNAS Setup and User Guide

Still a work in progress :!:

The goal of this manual is to provide a starting point for you to install and use XigmaNAS. Sections 1 and 2 of this manual cover basic installation of XigmaNAS and include processes and procedures that may help you configure and use some of the services included in XigmaNAS. If you need to know how to do something, you may find it in these first 2 sections of the manual.

Sections 3 and beyond cover details and more advanced features of XigmaNAS. In these sections, you can find brief explanations about the options and settings you see in the WebGUI. If you need to know what something is or does, you will probably find it in Section 3 or beyond.

XigmaNAS is easy to install, configure and manage. It is arguably the simplest and most full-featured NAS OS available. However, XigmaNAS is not a turnkey system, you are the OEM, it is up to you to already know or learn about the services and features provided by XigmaNAS so you can make effective use of your server.

While trying to be as helpful as possible, this manual WILL NOT TRY TO:
  • Teach you what RAID is, how to set-up a network or manage a firewall.
  • Teach you system administration and how to manage Users and Groups.
  • Help you select the best MotherBoard or hard drive controller, etc..
  • Show you how to do many other things like how to configure iSCSI to work with your ESXi server in an AD Domain.

You will need to know things like this already or learn about them from other resources.

1 - Introduction

2 - Install

3 - Initial configuration

4 - Access Control

5 - Status

6 - Tools

7 - WebGUI

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