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AFP (Netatalk)

AFP permits Apple MacOSX users to access the storage resources of XigmaNAS.

This is a short description to get the XigmaNAS server act as a Mac-File Server using Netatalk 2.2.4 File Services.

I assume the XigmaNAS server is up and running…

Step 1 : Create User and Groups (web-interface)

  • first make a group e.g. macgroup and apply changes.
  • second add some users and give them your previously made group as primary group as well as full shell access.

Step 2 : prepare a folder to get shared (console)

  • it is recommended that you dont share the whole volume but a folder within this volume. now we need to go to the NAS and create a directory there and change access permissions. If you have ssh enabled these things can be done from remote as well off course.
  • first create a folder into your data-volume :

mkdir /mnt/yourvolume/yoursharedfolder

  • second take away root - ownerships as netatalk doesnt like this at all:

chown macuser:macgroup /mnt/yourvolume/yoursharedfolder

  • third give them access rights into the folder :

chmod 2775 /mnt/yourvolume/yoursharedfolder (if you have other users you dont want insider there at all use 2770)

Step 3 : enable afp and configure a volume (web-interface)

  • In the share section, only the first 3 entrys are realy relevant (name, comment, path) the rest can be left out. I personally use the last one (upriv) as with 10.5.x clients this seems to be more compatible.
it may happen that folders on the toplevel of the share made by user A have write-protection to the user B… in this case chomd -R 2775 /mnt/yourvolume/yoursharedfolder and simply dont work on the top-level. this seems to be some umask-mac specific problem (according to the netatalk forums)
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