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Basic Configuration

Default login name and password

If you can ping another device from the XigmaNAS server, then from another computer on the same subnet, point your Web Browser at the XigmaNAS server IP Address ( in this example) You should be presented with a login/password dialogue box like that shown here.

At the login/password dialogue Enter:

  1. Default Username is admin
  2. The default password is xigmanas
  3. Select OK
The XigmaNAS team strongly recommend that the default Username and Password be changed before putting XigmaNAS into production.

You should be presented with the XigmaNAS Web GUI System Status page as shown on the next page. The currently loaded version of XigmaNAS is displayed on this page as well as other useful information.

WebGUI Layout

XigmaNAS web pages are configured with the Navigation Tree in the Left-Hand side of the page and the Display and Data entry area to the right of the Navigation Tree.

The XigmaNAS Hostname is displayed on this and all other XigmaNAS WebGUI pages. This is useful when more than one XigmaNAS will be administered.

The XigmaNAS hostname can be administered on the General setup page.

Within the Display and Data Entry areas of WebGUI pages, some displays have additional controls such as those shown here:

  1. - controls Adding another element
  2. - controls deleting or Removing an element
  3. - permits the user to Edit the attributes of an element.

Default login name and password for Console/SSH administration (Advanced)

The system will ask for a login username and then hit enter, it will ask again for a password like shown below.

At the login/password prompts Enter:

  1. Default Username is root
  2. The default password is xigmanas
  3. Press [Enter]

Console Menu Layout

The Console Menu is self explanatory here, just select a # and press [Enter], then follow further dialog instructions if any.

The Console Menu is not presented under SSH by default, but it can be called directly with the command `/etc/rc.initial` like shown below.
Last login: Sun Apr 12 10:37:15 2020
Welcome to XigmaNAS!
xigmanas: ~# /etc/rc.initial

Console Menu
1) Configure Network Interfaces    10) Configure Hosts Allow for WebGUI
2) Configure Network IP Address    11) Restart WebGUI
3) Reset WebGUI Password           12) Restart WebGUI, force HTTP on port 80
4) Reset to Factory Defaults       20) Console Keyboard Map
5) Ping Host                   
6) Shell
7) Reboot Server
8) Shutdown Server

Enter a number:
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