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Disks|ZFS|Snapshots|Auto Snapshot

From this screen, you can set pools, datasets, volumes, or clones to have snapshots taken daily. Each autosnapshot task can have a different retention period, unless the autosnapshot is made recursive, and then the snapshots from the common parent have the same retention length.

Click on the icon to create a new snapshot.

Click on the icon to manage an existing snapshot.

Click on the icon to delete an existing snapshot.

Disks|ZFS|Snapshots|Auto Snapshot|Add

On this screen, you choose your options. These include:

  • Path (the pool, dataset, volume, or clone)
  • Name (cannot be modified)
  • Recursive (on or off)
  • Type (daily is the only option currently)
  • Schedule time (when you want the snapshot to occur daily)
  • Life Time (how long you want snapshots for that pool, dataset, volume, or clone to last)

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