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Disks|Software RAID|JBOD|Management

“Just A Bunch Of Disks”

JBOD is used to concatenate different disks of different sizes into one big volume, while a RAID0 use drives of the same size. JBODs don't provide any redundancy. If one drive fails all data are lost. The creation of a JBOD is quite simple. All you have to do is select the drives you want to use. See illustrations below.

Disks|Software RAID|JBOD|Add

  • Setting a name for the JBOD
  • Selecting the drives for the JBOD. ( 160GB + 400GB + 250GB)

Create and Intialize …

And after pressing “Apply” we have an about 810GB JBOD which assumes as one big drive.

Like any other RAID you can now Format and Mount.

For more information see:

gconcat - disk concatenation control utility

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