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 ====== Disks|Software RAID|RAID 0/​1/​5|Management ====== ====== Disks|Software RAID|RAID 0/​1/​5|Management ======
 +<note important>​The option to create a GEOM Vinum RAID has been removed from the WebGUI. We encourage users to use ZFS instead.</​note>​
 This menu is for creating a Software RAID 0,1 and 5 based on GEOM [[http://​​cgi/​man.cgi?​query=vinum&​manpath=FreeBSD+7.2-RELEASE|vinum]]. This menu is for creating a Software RAID 0,1 and 5 based on GEOM [[http://​​cgi/​man.cgi?​query=vinum&​manpath=FreeBSD+7.2-RELEASE|vinum]].
-This Feature will be removed. +<​note>​Note: ​Depending on the RAID level use one of the following modules: 
- +\\
-<​note>​Note:​ +
- +
-It's recommended to use of the following ​RAID modules:\\ +
 [[documentation:​setup_and_user_guide:​disks_software_raid_raid0_management|Disks|Software RAID|RAID0]] [[documentation:​setup_and_user_guide:​disks_software_raid_raid0_management|Disks|Software RAID|RAID0]]
 [[documentation:​setup_and_user_guide:​software_raid_raid1_management|Disks|Software RAID|RAID1]] [[documentation:​setup_and_user_guide:​software_raid_raid1_management|Disks|Software RAID|RAID1]]
 [[documentation:​setup_and_user_guide:​disks_software_raid_raid5_management|Disks|Software RAID|RAID5]] [[documentation:​setup_and_user_guide:​disks_software_raid_raid5_management|Disks|Software RAID|RAID5]]
 </​note>​ </​note>​
-<note important>​Important - RAID does not equal backup. Even if you create a RAID array you must still keep another copy of your data in a different location.</​note>​+<note important>​Important - RAID does not make a backup ​of your data redundant. Even if you create a RAID arrayyou should back up your data regularly and save it a different location.</​note>​
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