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This page gives an overview of the zfs state and settings. More important, this page allows you easy to synchronize the state of your pool(s) into the WebGUI and configuration. Unchecking some of the checkboxes, you can deny the WebGUI updates on some of that detail. Though, I don't know why you'd want to do that.

Notice the 3 check boxes at the bottom:

The first checkbox, lets you keep (checked) or discard (unchecked) the current autosnapshot configuration. If datasets or volumes have been renamed, moved or destroyed, autosnapshots may reference things that no longer exist.

The second checkbox, if checked will populate Disks|Management with the devices used by your pools and other associated vdevs. There is little reason to uncheck this.

The third checkbox, if checked will change the Filesystem value on Disks|Management for drives used in vdevs to “ZFS Storage Device”. If some of your drives are partitioned to multiple partitions and the whole drive isn't ZFS, you may not want this behavior. Otherwise, there should be no harm in leaving it checked.

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