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From this page, multiple pool-level actions can be initiated.

Multiple pool-level actions can be initiated depending on the zfs setup you have made.

  • attach (add a drive to a mirror vdev)
  • cache add (add a cache device)
  • cache remove (remove a cache device)
  • clear (forget errors and try to restore a device/pool to normal)
  • detach (remove a drive from a mirror)
  • history
  • offline
  • online
  • remove
  • replace
  • scrub
  • spare add
  • spare remove
  • upgrade
  • vdev add

Here we have selected on the first screen “Scrub a pool” and we are about to start it:

Here we see that the Scrub Command execution was successful:

The button “Return to Command page” will load the first page again in case you like to select another task.

Now I have started a Scrub of my pool I also like to see its progress, for this I did press the Tab Information:

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