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Advanced Hard Drive Parameters

When Adding a Disk, there are some options included that have the potential to increase the lifespan of Hard Disk Drives within XigmaNAS.

Not all HDD support any, or all of these advanced hard drive options, and so you should confirm your HDD capabilities via the Diagnostic: Information Page and the ataidle tab. (see below).

CF cards should not have ANY of these settings enabled

UDMA mode

Use this option only if XigmaNAS can’t automatically detect this mode correctly. Currently supported modes are:

Hard Disk Standby time

Puts the hard disk into standby mode when the selected amount of time after the last access has elapsed.

Permitted values are:

Advanced Power Management (APM)

This allows you to lower the power consumption of the drive, at the expense of performance.

Permitted values are:

Acoustic Level (AAC)

This allows you to set how loud the drive is while it's operating.

Permitted values are:

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