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XigmaNAS can be installed onto a wide range of hardware. Anything from an actual server to an old PC you may have laying around!

Hardware Requirements

  • Multicore 64-bit* processor
  • A PC with a a minimum of 8GB of RAM (ECC recommended), a bootable CD-Rom drive plus either:
    • A floppy disk/USB stick (for configuration storage) and one or more hard drives (for storage)
    • A bootable USB or CF drive (4GB minimum for embedded or full platform),
      but using a CF card or a USB drive for the full platform is not recommended and 1 or more hard drives for data storage.
    • A bootable hard drive and one or more hard drives (for storage)
    • A bootable hard drive (which will be partitioned for XigmaNAS and data)
  • Or a virtual PC emulator such as VMware/QEMU configured as above.
Note - When XigmaNAS is installed on a bootable USB drive, CF drive or hard drive, the bootable CD-ROM should be removed once XigmaNAS is installed. At this time installing XigmaNAS from LiveCD/LiveUSB is the only supported method
  • 2GB of RAM is the absolute minimum required for running swapless.
  • 512MB of free RAM is the minimum required for upgrading the embedded version.
  • Using advanced features and enabling lots of functions may require more RAM (4GB or more).
  • For ZFS, we recommend an minimum of 8GB RAM for greater system performance.
The best way to get the most out of your system is to install as much system RAM as you can!
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