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-====== Disks|Management|iSCSI Initiator ====== 
-{{:documentation:webgui_interface_and_setup:disk_management_iscsi-initiator.png?nolink|}}This page will shows your iSCSI volumes you are connected to, and you can add other iSCSI connections from here. 
-<note important>This is for your connections to volumes that another machine is exporting via iSCSI.  Not for exporting your own volumes.  That is done in the iSCSI Target service.</note> 
-===== Disks|Management|iSCSI Initiator|Add ===== 
-{{:documentation:setup_and_user_guide:disks_management_iscsi-initiator_add.png?nolink|}}Here, you can add targets to connect to. You will need: 
-  * Name (for your reference, not used for connection) 
-  * Initiator name  
-  * Target name 
-  * Target Address (IP or DNS name of the machine hosting the target) 
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