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Link Aggregation and Failover

XigmaNAS supports diffrent Link Aggregation and Failover settings.

This is a Topic for Advanced user. Here we refer to lagg manpage of the FreeBSD project.
Also see:
Link aggregation on


   failover	  Sends	traffic	only through the active	port.  If the master
	  port becomes unavailable, the	next active port is used.  The
	  first	interface added	is the master port; any	interfaces
	  added	after that are used as failover	devices.
   lacp	  Supports the IEEE 802.1AX (formerly 802.3ad) Link Aggrega-
	  tion Control Protocol	(LACP) and the Marker Protocol.	 LACP
	  will negotiate a set of aggregable links with	the peer in to
	  one or more Link Aggregated Groups.  Each LAG	is composed of
	  ports	of the same speed, set to full-duplex operation.  The
	  traffic will be balanced across the ports in the LAG with
	  the greatest total speed, in most cases there	will only be
	  one LAG which	contains all ports.  In	the event of changes
	  in physical connectivity, Link Aggregation will quickly con-
	  verge	to a new configuration.
   loadbalance  Balances outgoing traffic across the active ports based on
	  hashed protocol header information and accepts incoming
	  traffic from any active port.	 This is a static setup	and
	  does not negotiate aggregation with the peer or exchange
	  frames to monitor the	link.  The hash	includes the Ethernet
	  source and destination address, and, if available, the VLAN
	  tag, and the IP source and destination address.
   roundrobin   Distributes outgoing traffic using a round-robin scheduler
	  through all active ports and accepts incoming	traffic	from
	  any active port.  Using roundrobin mode can cause unordered
	  packet arrival at the	client.	 Throughput might be limited
	  as the client	performs CPU-intensive packet reordering.
   none	  This protocol	is intended to do nothing: it disables any
	  traffic without disabling the	lagg interface itself.
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