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6.5-Services NFS – Network File System

Using the Drop Down Navigation Menu on the top of the page, below the NAS4Free logo, click “NFS”. On this page you can enable or disable the NFS service and create, delete, and manage NFS shares.

Network File System

NFS (Network File System) is a native Linux/Unix protocol that allows you to 'share' a directory located on one networked computer with other computers/devices on the network. The clients 'mount' the shared directory, and the shared directory becomes part of their own directory structure. NFS is the CIFS equivalent for UNIX/Linux World.

If you have a Linux machine that needs access to NAS4Free, it’s the protocol to be used. If you wish to permit NFS access to the Storage Drive/s you can Enable the NFS Service.

Number of Servers: This option specifies how many NFS Processes to create. There needs to be enough processes to handle the maximum level of concurrency from NFS clients on the network. A typical figure would be four to six.

  1. Click the “ENABLE” checkbox.
  2. Click the “SAVE & RESTART” Button.

The service should now be running, but you won't be able to access your data over the network until you create 1 or more shares by clicking on the “SHARES” tab, please see SUG Section 6.5.1-Services NFS Shares for details.

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