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DO NOT select a Security setting of User at this stage, Refer to the User Authentication section for more information’s on this feature

From another PC on the NAS4Free subnet (in this example I am using Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Edition). Select Start and Run and enter
followed by the NAS4Free PC IP Address (\\ in my example).

Click OK and the mounted Share should appear complete with the Share name you entered in the Mount process.

This Share is available to the network for Read/Write access and you can map a local drive to the share. Test it by copying some data to it. If you have ‘show hidden files and folders’ enabled in your Explorer settings, you will see a hidden and read only folder in there called .snap - ignore it.

If you are using a PC which normally logs into a Domain that is different from the WORKGROUP name configured in NAS4Free, you may possibly get one or more Login dialogue boxes. If so, leave the password blank and select OK.
by default Recycle Bin is enabled on the shares, when you do not see your space gets freed, clear the Recycle Bin first
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