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On this page you can create, delete or manage your CIFS/SMB shares. The illustration above shows a previously created, existing share.

Click on the icon to create a new share.

Click on the icon to delete an existing share.

Click on the icon to manage an existing share.

Important - CIFS/SMB shares are created from existing, mounted file systems. Before you create a share you must mount the file system containing the files & directories you expect to share, see SUG Section 5.6-Mount Point Management.

Shares Add/Edit

Name: The name that will be assigned to the CIFS share.

Comment: Here you can add a comment to help describe your XigmaNAS CIFS Shares.

Path: This is the path to the storage that is to be shared using CIFS. The format of this is /mnt/storagename/ where storagename is typically the mount point name. Click on the Button at the end of the Path text box. This will bring up a simple file system browser.

In the illustration above we have chosen to share the /sys/ mount point, we could just as easily pick the /sys/homework/ directory. Click the desired mount point or directory, then click the “OK” Button. The mount point will be added in the Path text box.

Warning - All shares should be created from items within or below the /mnt/ directory. Sharing a higher path than /mnt or the root (/) file system is not recommended, this compromises security and can result in strange behavior. Please read FAQ Q: Why is my / file system full? for further details.

Read only: If you check the Read Only box, remote users can only read files from the share. If the Read Only box is not checked, remote users will have full read/write access to the share.

Browseable: When enabled this share will be seen in the available list of shares in a net view and in a browse list. If disabled, the share will only be available by explicitly typing the full server path in Windows Explorer or similar file manager.

Inherit Permissions: The permissions on new files and directories are governed by create mask and directory mask, but the inherit permissions parameter overrides this.

Recycle Bin: When enabled a recycle bin will be created on the share.

Hide Dot Files: When enabled files starting with a period (dot) will be hidden.

Hosts Allow: Specifies the clients that have permission to access shares on the Samba server. Default is blank which is equal to “ALL”. Please see SMB.conf Documentation Hosts Allow parameter for details.

Hosts Deny: Specifies client systems that do not have permission to access a share. Default is blank which is equal to “NONE”. Please see SMB.conf Documentation Hosts Deny parameter for details.

Auxilary Parameters: Please see SMB.conf Documentation for details about parameters that may be used here.

Saving & Applying Changes

When finished configuring your share, Click the “ADD” or “SAVE” Button (depending on whether you are creating a new share or managing an existing one) at the bottom of the page to save your changes. This will return you to the “SETTINGS” Tab where you will need to click the “APPLY CHANGES” Button to write your changes to the XigmaNAS configuration file.

If the CIFS/SMB service is already enabled your share should be immediately available on the network, if not then you should now enable the service.

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