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6.2.1-Services FTP Modules

On this page you can create, delete or manage your FTP Modules Ban list rules.

Click on the icon to create a new Ban list rule. The Services|FTP|Ban list rule|Add page will load allowing you to create a new rule.

Click on the icon to delete an existing Ban list rule.

Click on the icon to manage an existing Ban list rule.

Services FTP Modules Ban List Rules Add

Event: Select the event directive from the Pulldown Menu that will trigger the ban.

Occurrence: This parameter says that if N occurrences of the event happen within the given time interval, then a ban is automatically added.

Time Interval: Specifies the time interval in which the given number of occurrences must happen to add the ban.

Expire: Specifies the time after which the ban expires.

Click the “ADD” Button to add your new rule, you will be returned to the Services|FTP|Modules page.

Click the “SAVE & RESTART” Button to write your changes to the XigmaNAS configuration file, your new rule will not take effect otherwise.

Thanks to ldkraemer for original contribution of this section.

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