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SSH (Secure Shell) permits an alternate and highly secure form of FTP access to the XigmaNAS server. SSH is enabled via the Services/SSH page.*

It will permit the use of:

  • SFTP file transfer
  • SCP File transfer
  • SSH access and remote commands execution.

Click the Enable check box, and click Save for a simple Read only default SSH implementation. Modify the SSH settings if required.

If you enable the option “Permit root login”, the root password is the same as the WebGUI password but the login name is always “root”

Using WinSCP

Once SSH is configured, login via SSH is enabled, and you can use SCP protocol for file transfer Here is an example with WinSCP:

Using Putty

If your user settings are configured with the ‘full shell’ option, you can connect with a SSH client to a remote terminal on XigmaNAS: here is an example PuTTY interface shown below.

For a console mode to XigmaNAS, the SSH access is preferred over direct screen/keyboard method: The system PATH is more complete with an SSH access

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