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Status > System

This screen provides a general system overview, including:

  • Hostname
  • Version and build information
  • Detected system and CPU
  • System uptime
  • Last configuration commit
  • CPU temperature(s), speed, and usage
  • Memory Usage
  • Load averages
  • Disk usage

Status > Processes

This screen essentially contains the output of “top”, a system and process viewer with per-process memory and CPU usage information.

Status > Services

This screen displays running and configured services. A green check in “enabled” means the service should be running. Otherwise should not be running. A green check in “status” means the service is configured. Otherwise isn't configured. (“Status” results aren't particularly useful.)

Status > Interfaces

This screen displays information about your network adapters, including: (for each adapter)

  • Name (driver)
  • MAC Address
  • Gateway
  • Media (10baseT, 100baseTX, etc)
  • MTU
  • I/O Packets (count and size)
  • I/O Errors and collisions (should be rare on modern networks)
  • Status

Status > Disks

This screen displays information about your (configured) disks, including: (for each configured drive)

  • Disk (device name)
  • Size
  • Description (either detected from drive or user-supplied)
  • Drive model and serial number (if detected)
  • Filesystem (as declared in Disks|Management)
  • I/O Statistics
  • Temperature (if the drive supplies this information)
  • Status (online, faulted, etc.)

Status > Monitoring > System Load

This screen shows a running graph of traffic on the chosen network adapter for as far back as the last 120 seconds. The graph starts empty, but progressively fills with data. Once the graph is full (at 120 seconds), the graph will start to scroll and discard older data.

Status > Monitoring > CPU Load

This screen shows a CPU usage graph, very much similar to the traffic graph.

More Monitoring Graphs can be showed after enabled Monitoring in menu System > Advanced > Monitoring Setup

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