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System Advanced Cron

On unix-like operating systems the time-based scheduler is called “Cron”.

With Cron your XigmaNAS server can run a command or scripts at a given time. A scheduled command or script is called a “Cron Job”. “Cron Jobs” are run at fixed intervals like daily, weekly, monthly or once a year.

Click on the icon to create a new Cron Job.

Click on the icon to manage an existing Cron Job

The screen-shot above should give you an example. The screen-shot shows how to add a “Cron Job” which is running every Sunday night at 3:00. This useless job does a read-only filesystemcheck on /dev/ada0 and appends the result to /mnt/data/fsck-log.

Following Parameters are needed.

  • Command - Command to execute.
  • Who - Select the user who should run this command.
  • Description - Enter a description for your reference.
  • Schedule time - Select the interval for the command.
  • Click the “ENABLE” box in the upper right corner to disable or enable the service as desired.
  • Click the “Add” Button to save your newly created “Cron Job”.
  • Click the “Save” Button to save changes made to an existing Cron Job.
  • Click the “Run Now” Button to immediately run the “Cron Job”. A message will appear just below the Menu Tabs to indicate success or failure.
  • Click the “Cancel” Button to discard all changes.
You will find in WebGUI several Cron Jobs used pages.
  • System > Shutdown > Scheduled
  • System > reboot > Scheduled
  • System > Advanced > Email Reports Setup
  • Services > Rsync > Local > Add
  • Disks > ZFS > Snapshots > Auto Snapshot
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