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On this page System > Advanced > Monitoring Setup: You can setup extra detailed system graphs. Those graphs will be shown in the tabs you can find on the menu Status > Monitoring

Be aware after enable this feature, it takes up to 10 minutes before the first stats in the graphs wil be available, than those stats does gets updated every 5 minutes.

Below an overview of the tabs after the setup and a example of the CPU Frequency graphic in Status > Monitoring:

  • CPU Frequency: Collects the CPU Frequency over a periode of time.
  • CPU Temperature: Collects the CPU Temperature over a periode of time.
  • CPU usage : Collects the time spent by the CPU in various states such as executing user code, executing system code, and being idle.
  • Load Averages: Collects an overview of system utilization over a one, five, and fifteen minute averages.
  • Disk Usage: Collects the data used on a mount point/share.
  • Memory Usage: Collects the physical memory usage over a periode of time.
  • Network Traffic: Collects the received and transmitted traffic for each configured interface
  • UPS: Collects various states of the ups and can display voltages.
  • Uptime: Collects the system uptime, the average running time, and the maximum reached uptime.
  • ZFS ARC: Collects the ARC size, hit ratio, and requests over a period of time.
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