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This is one of the most important WEBGUI pages within NAS4free!

Please be smart and create a backup of your current system configuration!!!

Every once and while your NAS4Free boot could fail and break because of an corrupted USB-key or you notices that after many years of usage your motherboard died because of old age and or leakage. Now simply you have bought new hardware and decided to upgrade the current system with the latest and greatest hardware you could buy.

How can I fast have access to my data and files again? Do I need to fully re-setup all settings in the WebGUI again? Is my data still there? Those are the users most thoughts we noticed over the years.

Well the answer is till today very simple, Move your data drives from the old to your new box and restore your previous saved system configuration after you moved your usb-key or reinstalled on new boot media.

Please do Restore the previous saved system configuration file you did made on this page:

you are up and running in a minute like it was setup before!

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