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System Backup/Restore

This page allows you to back up your current configuration file or restore a previously backed-up configuration.

Backup Configuration

Click the “BACKUP CONFIGURATION” button to download a copy of your configuration file from the server to your local hard drive. The file will automatically be named with the current time stamp so you can easily identify which file is the latest when you keep multiple backups.

You will see a confirmation window; click the “SAVE FILE” button to continue. A standard File Selection window will pop-up giving you the opportunity to change the name ( if desired ) and select the location where the file will be saved.

Tip - Do not save your configuration file back-ups on your XigmaNAS server, save them where you will be able to find them even if the server is not running.

Also we advise to store the config file encrypted. In case you restore it on a New installed server, setup the XigmaNAS Username and password in System > General Setup first before you restore the configuration so that this account matches the server configuration backup.

Restore Configuration

Click the “Browse” button to select a previously backed-up configuration file to be restored to your XigmaNAS server. A standard File Selection window will pop-up allowing you to select the file to restore. Once you have chosen the file, click the “Restore Configuration” button to restore it. The backed-up configuration will be uploaded to the server and the server will immediately reboot.

Important - It is not recommended that you restore configurations from a newer version of XigmaNAS to an older one, Don't do this!.
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