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System Firmware Upgrade

Upgrade Advice

  • Before you do the upgrade, be sure to save a backup of your configuration file.
  • DO NOT use a embedded firmware upgrade if your XigmaNAS server has lesser than 384MB RAM.
  • If a firmware upgrade fails with “broken pipe” or mount/umount related errors, the only solution is to re-install from scratch, this will delete all data on the OS disk.
  • 512MB of RAM is the minimum system requirement for upgrading any Embedded version of XigmaNAS.
  • More RAM is recommended for a better system performance.

Backup Configuration

First before you flash it's smart to have a backup of the systems configuration, you can't be safe enough.

  1. Navigate to the System > Backup/Restore page
  2. In the Backup configuration area, click the “Download configuration” button
  3. When prompted by your computer, select Save, and a location on your computer to save the config file

Note: Do not store the XigmaNAS config file on your server storage, keep it somewhere else safe!

Performing the Embedded Upgrade

Navigate to the System: Firmware page and click the Enable firmware upload button.

Click the Browse button (Bladeren on dutch system) and navigate to where you stored the previously downloaded .IMG.XZ file.

This is not the backup xml file you just saved; this is the .IMG file (for the embedded release) or the .TXZ file (for the full release) from the Sourceforge or XigmaNAS website. DO NOT USE the ISO file here!!!

Once the file is in the firmware image file window, click the Upgrade firmware button.

A message will indicate the upgrade installation is being performed and XigmaNAS will reboot once this is completed: “The Firmware is now being installed. XigmaNAS will reboot automatically.”

Once the reboot is completed, you can login back into the XigmaNAS WebGUI.

Note: If, for some reason you cannot connect to XigmaNAS, connect a screen to your XigmaNAS server (if not already connected) and verify the network settings using the console menu. It’s possible that with an new release, the name of your LAN card changes (FreeBSD new NIC drivers for example), of course this happens seldom if at all.

Verify XigmaNAS configuration

The upgrade procedure may upgrade the configuration file. It should work without problem, but it is a good idea to verify your settings. Browse to several screens in your XigmaNAS and verify that items such as the network and disk configuration are still configured as you previously did configure.

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