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Services|DNLA/UPnP Fuppes

DNLA/UPnP Fuppes enables the Fuppes DNLA/UPnP media server.

It can work fine with the media player GeeXboX for example. But also other software solutions like xbmc knows how to use this feature.


A nice renderer for everyday usage,

You can also buy some nice AV-Receiver renderers that are currently on the market. Those can not not only play internet streams, but they are able to play your media from the NAS4Free server too. The receivers i have test are DENON AVR-3310/3311, AVR-4306, AVR-4308, AVR-4310, AVR-4311 and AVR-4810 series but you could also use some Onkyo's like 3008 and 5008 series. More and more receivers will get this feature now day's and lucky for us also in the cheaper lines and with more file formats by default supported.

DENON does call this feature as example “Net-Audio”, Only the Denon receivers supports full operation control by the webbrowser as an extra, something i have not seen yet at any Onkyo unit so far.

Click on the ‘enable’ button choose a UPnP friendly name, and select the interface where to enable this service. Then add the directory to share by using UPnP:

Here you see an overview of the edit page:

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