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 =====Services|DNLA/UPnP Fuppes===== =====Services|DNLA/UPnP Fuppes=====
-DNLA/UPnP Fuppes enables the  Fuppes DNLA/UPnP file server.+DNLA/UPnP Fuppes enables the Fuppes DNLA/UPnP media server.
 It can work fine with the media player [[|GeeXboX]] for example. It can work fine with the media player [[|GeeXboX]] for example.
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 Then add the directory to share by using UPnP: Then add the directory to share by using UPnP:
 +Here you see an overview of the edit page: 
-<note>New added files on the share are now updated automatically with fuppes svn 0.691 and higher. 
-You must go to the fuppes WebGUI page todo perhaps some tasks. 
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