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Users and Groups

Users and groups in XigmaNAS follow the Unix/POSIX model of permissions, instead of the windows model of “rights”. Sometimes this is confusing for users that come from a windows background.

This guide is a good start for getting familiar with Unix/POSIX users/groups and the related permission schemes.


This screen allows you to create groups for purposes of your own choosing. Each group consists of a group name, numeric group ID (GID), and an optional description.


This screen allows you to create users.

Each user account consists of:

  • Username
  • Full name (optional)
  • Password
  • Numeric user ID (or UID)
  • Login shell (many users choose bash, accounts that shouldn't have shell access use “nologin”)
  • Primary group
  • Secondary group(s) (optional)
  • Home directory

Additionally, the user can be permitted/denied access to the “user portal” (somewhat restricted form of the WebGUI)

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