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Using XigmaNAS with the CDROM and a removable disk (LiveCD mode)

You can use XigmaNAS with the CDROM and an MSDOS formatted floppy disk or USB key.

  • The floppy disk or USB key must be already MSDOS formatted (XigmaNAS will not format it).
  • XigmaNAS will try to find its configuration file (config.xml) in the directory “conf” at the root of your removable disk. If there is no existing configuration file, XigmaNAS will create the directory “conf” and save its configuration file in it.

This description assumes the XigmaNAS PC hardware is capable of booting from a CD Rom and has a floppy/flash/usb/hdd for storage.

Ensure your computer’s BIOS is configured to boot from “CDROM” first, to prevent other media from being booted instead.

Insert the CDROM in the CD/DVD drive, and boot your PC. After XigmaNAS has booted with no error message concerning “no floppy disk found” you can skip the section 2.3 and go to section 2.4 directly

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