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Q: Can I move a hard drive between XigmaNAS and Windows and can Windows use a UFS formatted drive?
If you want to move a drive between XigmaNAS and Windows, use NTFS or FAT32 and mount it read-only on XigmaNAS just to be safe. Windows has no native support for UFS. A lot of people seem to worry about being able to “move” their drives from one OS to another. In the 1990's we called that “SneakerNet”. This is the 21st century, data should be “moved” via networks, not our hands.

There is a way of accessing data from a UFS volume via ufs2tools unknown if it works in windows 7 have yet to try :-). There is no write support and project has no updates since 2006.

When most people get familiar with XigmaNAS and understand how easy it can be to recover/gain access to their data (as long as the hard drive is not damaged), they stop worrying about “moving” their drives.

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