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Q: Can I sell a PC with XigmaNAS installed on it?
There should be no problem so long as you sell only the PC “hardware components” and your software installation “services”, you may not sell/charge for the XigmaNAS Software and you may not tamper with the license/license notices. We are not attorneys and do not give legal advise. If you want to sell XigmaNAS software, you must carefully read and understand the XigmaNAS license, see WebGUI Tab> Help > License & Credits and XigmaNAS license, then you should get a lawyer to check the license for each software package implemented / included in the XigmaNAS OS (Operating system) to ensure you are not violating their licenses.

* However we could provide customized versions of XigmaNAS to include on hardware you offer to customers.

For more info please contact by email: info(at)

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