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Q: Can I upgrade from the Embedded 32bit version, installed on a hard drive, to 64bit version?
A: Yes, if your cpu supports 64-bits. Here's how:

  • Short version
    1. CREATE a backup of your configuration via WebGUI 'System|Backup/Restore'
    2. Open /etc/platform file and change x86-embedded to x64-embedded
    3. Go to 'System|Firmware' and upgrade with the x64 img file
      This is the hardcore upgrade version, so use it on your own risk.
  • Long version
    1. Download same version/revision XigmaNAS embedded IMG file and XigmaNAS LiveCD x64 ISO.
    2. Upgrade XigmaNAS using IMG file.
    3. Backup the configuration.
    4. Shutdown, open the box and disconnect data only disk if any, just for safety.
    5. Burn LiveCD x64 ISO and boot from LiveCD (XigmaNAS x64). Possible LiveCD will pick the configuration from disk.
    6. Select “(6) Shell” from menu and umount the hard disk.
      umount -f /cf && exit
    7. Select “(9) Install” & install on HDD. Here you can opt for 3 partitions , system+data+swap.
    8. Shutdown.
    9. Connect data only disk removed in Step #4 and boot from HDD(ad0).
    10. Set network configuration(menu 1 & 2).
    11. Backup the new configuration … just in case.
    12. Restore old configuration from backup(step 3).
    13. Reboot.
Advanced Upgrade XigmaNAS ⇒
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