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Q: Can I use an NTFS, FAT, or EXT formatted drive with XigmaNAS?
Yes you can, but there are limits:

  • FAT32, NTFS and EXT2/3 can be used to transfer bulk data to a UFS formatted drive or ZFS pool ONLY.
  • FAT32, NTFS and EXT2/3 should be used in read-only mode, not read/write.
  • In NAS4Free versions below 9.0, only EXT2/3 revision 0 with Inode size of 128 bytes supported. Revision 1 uses a inode size of 256 bytes which is not supported by FreeBSD below version 8.2. When creating ext2/3 partitions, using 128 bytes via '-I 128' could solve this problem but the file system is permanently in 'not clean' state.

UFS and ZFS are the native XigmaNAS file systems. Both are robust, stable and we recommend you use it. You can use other file systems in read/write mode, but this is not recommended or supported.

NTFS only works with primary partitions, and not with extended partitions.

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