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Q: How can I identify which /dev is which physical hard drive? Which drive is which?!?
This is an especially good thing to know when you are trying to replace a failed drive in a SoftRAID array! As of Version 0.7.4020 the serial number is displayed on the WebGUI page Disks > Management > HDD Management if the drive reports it.

  1. Know your disks' unique serial number disk_serial.jpg
  1. Run the following one liner in WebGUI Tab; Tools > Execute Command:
    for i in $(sysctl -n kern.disks);do printf "%s\t%s\n" $i "$(smartctl -a /dev/$i | grep "Serial Number")";done | sort

    This will output a list of all disks' assigned /dev's and serial numbers.

  2. Find which disks are members of your Software RAID array by using geom status command or looking at WebGUI Tab> Diagnostics > Information > Software RAID page.
  3. Identify the bad disk.
  4. Replace the bad disk in the SoftRAID array with a new one of equal OR greater size.
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