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Q: How can I install XigmaNAS without a DVD/CD drive?
Q: How can I use the XigmaNAS .img.xz file?
Currently, the only supported method of installing XigmaNAS is booting and installing via LiveCD/LiveUSB. Please read: XigmaNAS Download Options: to best understand which version you want to download and use.

From LiveCD( .iso )/LiveUSB( .img.gz ) you can:

  1. Install or upgrade Full platform.
  2. Install or upgrade Embedded platform. (The recommended installation of XigmaNAS)
  3. Run XigmaNAS as LiveCD/LiveUSB platform.

The LiveCD.iso is used to burn a bootable CD. This CD can be used to run XigmaNAS by storing the configuration on a floppy or flash media. You can also use it to install the OS to other media.

The LiveUSB after you extract LiveUSB.img.gz file can be written directly to flash media using dd in *nix or similar utility like Win32DiskImager in Windows. Once this is done you can run XigmaNAS from this flash media or better install the embedded XigmaNAS platform to the boot media.

The Embedded.img.xz file is for Embedded platform Upgrades only, we don't recommend you use this for anything else.
It is no longer possible to write the image to a CF card/USB Flash Drive or hard drive.
The Embedded.img.xz file is compressed, you don't have to decompressed it to use firmware upgrade on the WebGUI.

It is not supported to write embedded.img directly to flash key! USE the Livecd or LiveUSB to install the embedded installation, from there embedded systems can be upgraded by webgui firmware upgrade.

If you do not have a CD drive or your hardware does not support a CD drive try the LiveUSB. If you do not have USB ports or your PC will not boot from USB, then you may have to make your own compilation or figure out an innovative, new way to install the system. Here are some alternatives:

  • Install on different computer. NOTE - This may be the easiest solution. Unlike Windows or other OS's, XigmaNAS is mostly hardware independent. A fresh, unconfigured, installation made on a compatible computer can often be moved to another compatible computer without problems. Many times you can install XigmaNAS, Embedded or Full to a hard drive or USB device on almost any computer with a CD/DVD and then move the device to the intended server without a CD/DVD and it will boot just fine.
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