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Q: How can I recover or reset a lost or forgotten WebGUI or root username and/or password?
Attach keyboard and monitor to the XigmaNAS server and on “console setup” choose option # 3) Reset WebGUI password. Note that it resets the password value to xigmanas and DOES NOT reset username to admin. If you had previously enabled SSH with root login on the XigmaNAS server then you can login to the XigmaNAS server via Putty using username : root and password: xigmanas. This might lead you to believe, mistakenly, that this now reflects the default status when you first installed the server and that the webGUI username has also been reset to admin. Now run the following:

xml sel -t -v "//system/username" /conf/config.xmlxml sel -t -v "//system/password" /conf/config.xml

It should give you the webGUI username and the reset password: xigmanas.

Ensure that the web server is up and running:

/etc/rc.d/lighttpd status

If it is not running then start it with:

/etc/rc.d/lighttpd start

Now you should be able to login using the webGUI.

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