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Q: How do I easily set-up my server so I can read / write files and Windows clients using CIFS/SMB (SAMBA) don't have to login and can only read files?
Please read anyone read (no login) only me write? for specific instructions to achieve this basic configuration. Everyone should probably read this topic because it helps to understand the relationship in XigmaNAS between the *nix and CIFS/SMB servers.

Q: What do I need to do to setup different file / folder access for my Windows clients / users?
If you carefully follow the basic steps covered in the latest Setup & User Guide your CIFS/SMB server will be set-up so everyone has read/write access without a password ( Anonymous Authentication ), this is fine for most people.

Think that you set everything up properly, but your Vista or Windows7 clients still can't connect? Then please read FAQ Q: Why can I not login using Windows 7 and Vista clients when XP clients work fine with CIFS/SMB?

If you want Windows clients to login, or better control of how they use the server and data, then you want to become a system administrator.

Because XigmaNAS is primarily a *nix server you will need to understand both *nix and Windows system administration, this is a thankless job. Lucky for you it is not as difficult as it seems. You will need to learn about user / group management, then you will be able to create & troubleshoot different configurations, particularly for Windows clients. Once you have read and understood the material covered in all links below you should have no trouble administering your system.

You should start by reading (and understanding):

  1. Introduction to Unix - If you have no Unix experience you should read this first! There are lots of Unix Intros on the Internet, this is a particularly good one in only 12 pages. It is quick and easy to read so you will learn basic commands fast.
  2. An Introduction to Unix Permissions - At this point it becomes important that you know how to manage permissions in XigmaNAS. This is usually done with a CLI (Command Line Interface) via SSH session, or from shell at the console, but you can also use a GUI (Graphic User Interface) as in WebGUI Tab> Advanced|Command, or you can use Advanced|File Manager (Quixplorer) but only for simple chmod functionality. Quixplorer does not display ownership information and does not provide chown functionality. GUI clients via SSH are also available, WinSCP and FileZilla are two popular ones.
  3. Then review: Unix File Permissions
  4. Finally, you get to XigmaNAS specific overview & basics in [HOWTO] setup SFTP/CIFS/SMB SAMBA users semi-properly . Thanks to Brokentilez for rescuing this from the old forum and also to the more recent contributors.

Then read all of these examples of various configurations and things that may cause problems, when you finish you should be an expert ;-) :

  1. A few common problems discussed and fixed.
  2. Using CLI/shell to create/adjust permissions.
  3. Using SAMBA variables to make sure users toe the line.

These last 3 are for administrators with advanced or difficult requirements.

Basic CIFS/SMB (Samba) ⇒
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